Country/Region: California, USA

Trekking Date: 09/11/2015

Duration: 3 days

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Recommended Season: Summer, spring, autumn

Maximum Height: 3000m

General Description:
Round trip trek that takes you into one of the most beautiful parts of the Sierra Nevada mountain region. This is a round trip that can be done as a hard 1 day trip or a moderate 3-4 days.
Most of the route follows the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and John Muir trail.

Required Equipment & Supply:
Tent is required all year long, water can be found along the main rivers and at Thousand Island Lake. It is important to ask about water condition at wilderness center prior to departure.
Supplies can be found in all of the big supermarkets at Mammoth Lake.
A good sleeping bag and a water proof tent is required even in the summer.
There are no shelters on the way, sleeping is in wilderness.
Bear box is mandatory to carry into the park. It’s possible to rent one at the wilderness center for about 5$ a day (as for 2015).

Required Permits/Fees:
Permit is required. A free permit is issued at the wilderness center in Mammoth Lake.

 Note that marks on this map are not completely accurate and do not substitute a proper trekking map.

Getting to/from there:
The route begins about 5 KM after the entrance to the Devils Postpile National Park. There is a big parking lot to park your car and a few beer lockers to preserve extra food.


The Route:

Distance: 11 KM

The route begins in a parking lot on a dirt rode that leads to Agnew meadows.
Follow the sign to high trail head. From there the trail begins to ascent steeply North bound. After a moderate climb the trail continues along the ridge approximately north west. After 7-8 KM you will pass the sign to summit lake, continue straight to Thousand Island Lake that is located 2-3 KM ahead.
At Thousand Island Lake you can find great places to pitch your tent at the north and south edges of the lake.
Respect the law that allows camping 100ft from the lake shore.

Distance: 10 KM

From Thousand Island Lake the trail continues south past Ruby lake and Garnet lake. At the most eastern side of the lake there is an intersection, the trail continues east from there. After a long descent the trail follows the main river heading south east. After 5-6 KM the trail climbs to a small plateau, from there its a 20-30 min walk back to the car.

Distance: 4-6 KM

Alternative routes:
For the people that want to hang out some more at Thousand Island Lake area, there are some very beautiful day hikes. You can leave the tent in the same place and wander around.

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Things To Do Around:

About 30 min drive from Mammoth Lake town there is a remote and beautiful hot spring that was built by the locals (see picture above).