Country/Region: Finland/Lapland

Trekking Date: 2016-10-12

Duration: 2 days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Recommended Season: From spring to Autumn for hiking. In the winter for cross-country ski.

Maximum Height: 500m

General Description:
This is an amazing national park in Finnish Lapland which provides many trekking opportunities of different types and lengths. A network of well-maintained free-of-charge huts, equipped with gas for cooking and wood for fireplace allowing convenient hiking experience even in autumn, when the temperatures around zero (in Celsius). Useful up-to-date information can be found at the park official website at

Required Equipment & Supply:
Food for the entire hiking period is required. Mattresses are also required since most of the huts contain only wooden benches for sleeping. There are good drinking water all over the park so you don’t need to carry too much (around 1.5L per trekker should be more than enough). A good map of the park along with basic navigation skills are requirements, since the paths can be hard to find and the route to the closest hut should always be within reach, especially in cold nights. A good topographic (1:50,000) map can purchased in the park’s information center a Saariselka.

Required Permits/Fees:
No permit is required (10/2016). It is highly recommended to consult the staff in one of the information centers about recent changes/updates.

 Note that marks on this map are not completely accurate and do not substitute a proper trekking map.

Getting to/from there:
The main entrance to the park is either from Saariselka or from Kilopaa. If you arrive by public transportation it will be easier to start at Saariselka.


The Route:

Distance: 14 KM

We started from Kilopaa at around 3 pm. Since it’s get dark early this season (around 7 pm it was completely dark) we had to walk fast. The closest sleeping hut (notice that there are day-huts that is not for night-stay) was Soumunruokto, 14 km away from Kilopaa. The path was well marked by signs on the way. The main paths are used for cross-country ski in the winter, and are marked by high poles with an X at the top. We so reindeer herds for the first time along the way and it was quiet an experience. We later heard that around the autumn the owners are gathering their herds towards the winter.

Distance: 16 KM

After a good night sleep in Soumunruokto hut, we headed towards the Rautulampi day-hut, set on the Rautulampi pond. This part of the hike was less marked and required some orientation. The hut scenery is incredible and we enjoyed a soothing lond lunch-break before heading back to Kilopaa.

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Urho Kekkonen Map

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Things To Do Around:

We spent only two days in the park and only seen a glimpse of what it has to offer. You can plan very long hikes around the park from hut to hut (we met trekkers that walked more than 2 weeks and even more).