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Mestia to Ushguli


4 days trek in the majestic Svaneti region in north-western Georgia, starting from the small town of Mestia and travels through rural valleys and beautiful mountains up to the village of Ushguli.

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Rubot to Vrang

Pamir, Tajikistan

Starting at Rubot, a small village in Shokhdara valley, and crossing the Vrang pass (5067m) towards the village of Vrang in the Wakhan valley.

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Bachor to Bardara

Pamir, Tajikistan

An amazing trek in the heart of the Pamir. Starting at Bachor village, passing the beautiful Chapdarkul and Zarojkul lakes, crossing over the Shtik-Lazar pass to Bardara River and following it down until reaching the village of Bardara.

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